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As this solution’s name suggests, this is a very personal area. I will explain in the FAQs below how this started for me and where I am now.


What I do know now is “The Personal Development Journey is for Life”


Frequently Asked Questions

Where did it all start?

I first starting thinking abut this in my early 20’s when I attended a Mindstore for Life workshop run by Jack Black. This, at the time, was a 2 day course and a then colleague and I went along and it certainly got me thinking. I started using the strategies taught there to resolve some challenges I had and have.

Who do I listen to and what do I read?

I’ll start this off by explaining what I don’t do, No news, I will not tolerate negativity.
I listen to motivational speeches, read books about improving my life and surround with people who make me feel good and are like minded. I post on my blog the books I have read and continue to read daily.

“You become the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with” – be careful



When I wake up I set out my intentions for the day and at all times have a positive outlook which allows me to complete the tasks of the day with ease. I eat and drink well, and this is where, for me, Personal Development overlaps with Health and Wellness.

Take a look at my Health and Wellness page for more information on that. I end the day with gratitude and ensure I have a great night’s sleep.

Belief System

A lot of people confuse this with religious beliefs and it has nothing to do with this. Your belief system are the set of rules, principles or whatever your word is to describe the way you run your life.

Mine are Honesty, Integrity and Truth as I mention on my Home page.


I remember reading somewhere that the black and white tiles that are used on the flooring of some buildings are to represent the amount of happiness and sadness in our lives. It’s the way it is, if we expect the great we must also expect some challenges.


  1. Unconscious incompetence
    • This is when you don’t know that there is anything better and just plod on through all the ups and downs
  2. Conscious incompetence
    • This is when you know that there is something better and challenged about how to go about it
  3. Conscious competence
    • You have made the transition to a better life and still have to correct yourself
  4. Unconscious competence
    • This is the state we should all aspire to achieve, this is when you do everything positively without thinking about it
    • You have re-programmed yourself

What now?

If this is something that you would like to take a look at, you can contact me by filling out the form on the bottom of this page and I will tell you who I use and what I do.

I do this as I simply want others to have the benefits I have realised by being aware of the resources that are available to have the life that was intended for us and that we deserve.

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