I get a great deal of satisfaction helping and teaching others, take a look at my three main areas on this solutions page and the other pages for each of the different solutions.


We Can Do it Together

Working together is the most effective way to help people. Call it networking, teamwork, really doesn’t matter as long as we work together. The exchanging of information is a great way to learn and hear about the latest goings on in any subject.

Working Together

I truly believe if we help each other towards our goals, the Universe will reward us appropriately

Personal Development

This is a major part of my life, a positive outlook will reap you benefits in all areas of your life.

My Personal Development page is here

Health & Wellness

Once the realisation that Personal Development helps, the next thing on my list was Health & Wellness.

My Health & Wellness page is here


Information Technology has been my passion since ever I can remember and use it in everyday life and like to help others in this ever  changing arena.

See my I.T. page here

Knowledge Base

I have a ‘Knowledge Base‘ site at Freshdesk where I post my most frequiently asked questions.

From ME

Make Your Own Opportunities

There are one liners you hear from people that, well for me at least, stick with you for the rest of your life.

What do you want me to do, stop trying?

I never ever give up on something that I need, want or has to be done, whether it be personal or business, I always look for a solution.

You can talk day and night about an issue or conflict – OR – you can use that energy to find a solution.

This is what I do.

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