I read and think a lot and would like to share with you the things of interest I find. I believe that people should be taught how to think and not what to think and so some of the posts here will be out of the ordinary.

All my posts will have commenting available and I look forward to listening to your views.

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Your Associates

Some of the Personal Development Areas

This is an ongoing area of my life, today I wanted to share with you one of the vital components of PD.

It is essential that you associate with people who are on the same journey and are positive and will encourage you through your not so good days. It is said that you become the average of the five people whose company you are in most. To fully develop, you may have to change your circle of associates and/or friends.

That’s what popped into my head this morning and I trust you can adjust to accommodate this improvement.

Have a Terrific Tuesday 😊

PS – You can read all about my Personal Development on the page here.

Bank of Monzo

The Bank of the Future

I have heard a lot about this online bank and got chatting to a girl in Cafe Carrera and were talking about all things online, so I thought why not have an online bank and opened a Monzo account in minutes.

You can get yours here.

I am now using this as my principal bank account, paying my standing orders and direct debits from here.

The app is so intuitive and keeps you bang up to date and you can self impose a monthly spending limit, save money in a pot for a rainy day or your next big purchase.

My card arrived within 4 days and it’s really easy to set up.

Setup up your Monzo account here and we both get a fiver.

Cafe Carrera Paisley

73 Glasgow Road, Paisley, PA1 3PE

Living a location independent and laptop lifestyle I like going to coffee shops and as I live in Paisley in Scotland I was delighted to notice a new coffee shop called Cafe Carrera which is located in the old Auld’s bakery shop.

They serve up breakfast items including omelettes, a wide selection of sandwiches, toasties, focaccias and paninis, potato wedges and salads.

They also have a wide range of teas, coffees & syrups and soft drinks.

Head over to their Facebook page and give it a Like here.

TransferWise – exchange money with ease

Send money with ease

To all my location independent friends and colleagues, what a service. Get an account here.

I know many of you earn in currencies other than GBP and require to exchange money often, this is a great solution, fast and easy.

Banks set their own exchange rate to make money from you. TransferWise gives you the real exchange rate, also known as the mid-market rate. The exchange rate is guaranteed as long as TransferWise receives your money within 24 hours.

Register for an account here.

Have a purse or wallet full of Debit and Credit Cards?

Curve CEO and founder Shachar Bialick

Curve have it sorted!

Use one card and control all your cards from the Curve app.

Click here to download the app to your phone and use this code DG8XKV9D, we both get a fiver when we start spending using our Curve cards.

Setup up your cards and you’re good to go.

My Curve card arrived at my home address within 4 days.

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