I read and think a lot and would like to share with you the things of interest I find. I believe that people should be taught how to think and not what to think and so some of the posts here will be out of the ordinary.

All my posts will have commenting available and I look forward to listening to your views.

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Got IT issues?

Feel like taking a hammer to your computer?

If you have any IT issues please get in touch with me via my Contact Me page here and I will respond very quickly and offer you my assistance.

My IT support packages are on my shop if you would like to take a look here.

Plastic Bottles

I am very aware that we, our bodies that is, are made of a high percentage of water and making sure you are hydrated is very important.

The material of the bottles I see most people using are made of plastic which carry some dangers, check out the image.

Our family fill our glass bottles daily from our installed water filter, more of that on another post next week, to ensure we have enough water with us t all times to stay hydrated.

We would also take our glass bottles on holiday where it is even more important to stay hydrated.

Allegedly, the most toxic bottles are numbers 3,6 and 7, a recent study allegedly found that 95% of all plastic products were tested positively for estrogenic activity, these contain chemicals which can have an impact on hormones and other health issues.

Stay safe folks.

The Media

Media and News comes in various formats

I remember well the first Jack Black course I attended in the 1990’s, he spoke about lots of things that we could do better, one of these is to realise the influence of ‘The Media.’

In our homes and public places such as hotels, bars and restaurants there seems to be constant news feeds running on the TV screens, in fact some TV channels are dedicated to this 24 hours a day.

There are some claims regarding the authenticity of the news articles, that’s a very different discussion, what I wanted to highlight is that watching or ‘inadvertently listening’ to this constant ‘news noise’ enters our subconscious and it deals with it.

I prefer to feed my subconscious mind with positive thoughts because I feel this has a positive impact on my daily life.

Be aware of and consider reducing the time spent listening to and reading the media and I trust you will have a ‘sunny side up’ improvement in your life.

Today is a great day.

My Curve Card Update

Magically transforms all your cards into One

I thought I would let you know how I am getting along with my Curve card.

The cards that I use have all been connected to my Curve app on my phone, I select which card I want to use and simply use my Curve Mastercard. This morning I withdrew money from my current account using my Curve card after selecting the appropriate card in the app.

I now only have one card for spending and withdrawing money from an ATM, instead of carrying 3 or 4 debit and credit cards I now only have the Curve card with me.

Open up a Curve account here and trust it makes life easier with a lighter wallet or purse.

Where do you store your Passwords?

A place to store all your passwords safely
  • Passwords!
  • Where are they?
  • What are they?

Oh my goodness it’s a challenge in this digital age with so many sites, usernames and passwords to remember.

I use Lastpass which is a secure password vault which can be installed across all your devices. I personally have it on my phone, tablet and computers.

It is easy to add a new site to the vault and passwords can be shared with other Lastpass users if required.

My scenario is, I have lots of passwords and so does my partner, so we both use Lastpass and we have some shared passwords which show up in both our accounts. There is a beneficiary option which when the inevitable happens family members can request your passwords details after verification.

I personally have the paid for version which is extremely cost effective, there is also a free forever option.

Open an account here.

Anti Oxidant Score

Do you know your Anti Oxidant score?

When I first started looking at my Health & Wellness the words ‘Anti Oxidants’ kept appearing in everything I looked at.

It is very important that Anti Oxidant levels are high in order to keep at bay all the diseases we hear about on an almost daily basis from friends and family.

When I first got scanned I was way below where I should have been, this has now been reminded and I get myself scanned quarterly to ensure my Anti oxidant levels are staying at a high level.

Get into to Blue Zone, or above, for optimum protection

Contact me via my website to book a scan here.

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